Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Nice Thing to Say about Israel #3

Israel Sets up Sophisticated Hospital In Haiti

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Nice Things to Say about Israel #2

On Friday, El Al and IDF planes came into Haiti , carrying 250 medical personnel -- doctors, nurses, lab and x-ray technicians and even a psychiatrist -- and supplies for a mobile hospital, including a pharmacy, a surgical unit, and a maternity ward.

You can see footage of an IDF rescue team at work in Haiti here:

http://www.jpost. com/servlet/ Satellite? pagename= JPost/Page/ VideoPlayer&cid=1194419829128&videoId=12631479050 94

Members of ZAKA, the Israeli ultra-Orthodox volunteer rescue organization, were on the scene as well. Yesterday, on Shabbat, they labored, digging in the rubble of a collapsed multi-story university building, where cries were heard. After hours of effort, they succeeded in pulling eight students from that rubble, alive.

These ZAKA members then took time, in the midst of the chaos, to wrap themselves in their tallitot (prayer shawls) and recite their Shabbat prayers. Undoubtedly most if not all of the Haitians on the scene had never seen such a sight.

When the men had finished praying, a crowd of people gathered around them and kissed their tallitot.

Nice Thing to Say about Israel #1

NYTimes..........Monday, Jan. 18, 2010

“Meanwhile, Col. Cormi Bartal, a doctor in the Israeli Army’s newly established field hospital here, pulled back the flap of a tent serving as the hospital’s pediatric section and pointed to a woman, Guerlande Jean Michel, 24. She identified a sleeping newborn on her cot, one of the first born in the city after the earthquake, and spoke in a halting voice. “This is my child,” said Ms. Jean Michel, a primary school teacher. “His name is Israel .”