Sunday, June 7, 2009

Love Canadian Style: A Poem

As I gazed at your hot chocolate eyes
Over the donut distressed table
At Tim Hortons,
I traced our initials in the foam of the $1.95 Cappucino
And licked the contents off my finger.

A taste of things to come.

We watch Hockey Night in Canada:
I touch the scars on your left cheek
With my right fingers:
Remnants of Pee Wee hockey.

Remember the first time I knew you
In that wilderness way
I took you in my arms
In the canoe…


As if it could have been anywhere else, my toque wearing teddy…

(interupts) Bear.
You were going to say.

Woman: And now
So many years passed
I still recall the soul of the hinterland
Trapped in the fabric
Of your skipants.

Ah…tu remember my petite pamplemousse
Our trip to La Belle Provence
How we sailed down the Mountain Royale
In our snow scuffed snowshoes

Woman: And how we heated our lips
On the warmth of the Depanneur wine
That stained our teeth
The colour of love

Scampering in the Quebecois sleet and stopping
To read the license plates.
Murmuring the sleek sensual sound of : Je me souviens over to each other
And wondering out loud
What it actually meant.

Together/Tout Ensemble
We celebrate our unity
On our Hudson Bay beige and rainbow blanket
And after the festivities:
Lying together listening to the familiar sounds of
Our beloved Leafs losing.